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As well as providing relevant, high quality and good value remedies, Care aims to support you in servicing your patients as efficiently as possible.


Product Developments

For over 20 years, Care has been providing families with tried and trusted quality remedies for all their minor ailments and the range now includes over 90 healthcare favourites.

But Care also listens to pharmacy and responds to its needs with innovative new additions as well as more straightforward improvements to existing products – like those shown below.

Care is continuing to listen – and continuing to innovate and update, providing pharmacy with products that are real answers to real problems. Watch out for new developments for mouth hygiene, cough, cold/flu, pain and babycare.

Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops 10ml

NICE Guidelines and NHS Choices suggest that suspected cases of transient lactase deficiency in babies should be given a one-week trial of lactase drops. Sugar-Free Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops can be used with breast-fed and formula-fed babies and unlike its competitors, feeding with it can begin instantly - without the need for a 30 minute wait.

Tea Tree Oil Cream 25g

Already non-greasy and perfume-free, Care has reformulated its Tea Tree Oil Cream to also be free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), avoiding aggravating sensitive skin.

Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Spray Gel 60ml

Including all the benefits of the revolutionary gel (see below), this spray gel format provides an option for treating little ones with chickenpox - involving even less touch and an even quicker and easier application.

Care Senna Tablets 60s

In response to demand, Care has introduced a 60s pack of the popular herbal constipation remedy to meet the needs of customers who wish to buy more than 20 tablets but fewer than 100.

Care Aqueous Cream and Care Aqueous Calamine Cream 100g

Previously packed in tubs, Care has now provided these popular skin preparations in a more user-friendly tube format. Triggered by pharmacy request, this changed format both better suits the needs of the customer and is a more efficient use of shelf space.

Care ITCHeze Cooling Gel 100g and Spray Gel 120ml

ITCHeze is a revolutionary way of cooling and soothing skin with a unique mode of action. It uses the process of Osmosis to draw water from the deeper layers of the skin to rehydrate the surface and has a unique profile that makes it suitable for the whole family. Unlike its competitors, it is non-greasy, quickly absorbed, rapid acting, odourless and long lasting. It is available in family-friendly packs as either gel or spray gel.

Care (SLS free) Aqueous Emollient Cream 100g

Harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) can be aggravating to dry or sensitive skin. Despite that, they are present in many high street skincare products and cleansers. Care’s 100g tub of Aqueous Emollient Cream is totally free of SLS.

Care Allergy Defence Nasal Spray 500mg

Part of the 21st century way of combating allergy, this is a clinically-proven, antihistamine and steroid-free powder that works by reacting with moisture in the nose to form a barrier against the allergens that trigger an allergic reaction. Because it has a physical action, it does not interact with any other medicines and is suitable for all the family including children from 18 months and even pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel 50g and 75g

Care ViraSoothe is a genuine breakthrough in treating chickenpox itch in small children. Grateful mothers have described it as ‘the best thing on the market’. Effectively cooling the skin, it helps break the ITCH-SCRATCH-INFECTION cycle, stopping little hands from scratching and putting mothers’ minds at rest about long-term scarring. It can be applied to both face and body and is suitable for children over 6 months.

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