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Turbo-charging a decongestant

22 Jun 2015

In a recent European trial, it was shown that Care Allergy Defence (methylcellulose powder) used in conjunction with a locally applied decongestant (nasal oxymetazoline) enhanced the decongestant effect in patients with allergic rhinitis.

The background to the trial was the proposition that prolonging the contact time of a drug with the tissues inside the nose would improve its efficacy – methylcellulose has an adhesive capability. The gel layer formed by the methylcellulose powder might also delay the clearance of the oxymetazoline.

A double blind, placebo controlled study was conducted in 40 patients with one group receiving one puff of oxymetazoline followed by one puff of methylcellulose and the other group receiving one puff of oxymetazoline followed by one puff of placebo (lactose powder) for 8 days. Peak Inspiratory Nasal Flow was measured on each day. Regular treatment was then discontinued (rescue medication only) and measurements taken again on day 15.

The results showed that not only did Care Allergy Defence enhance the decongestant effect of oxymetazoline but that the effect was carried over for another week after discontinuation of treatment.

Care Allergy Defence is steroid and antihistamine-free, making it a great choice for pregnant and breast feeding women as well as children who need allergy relief.

To view a poster showing details of the trial click HERE

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